Welcome to Kulshreshtha World

Kulshreshthaworld.com is a social networking website dedicated to bringing together kulshreshtha families and individuals. Our major objective is to invite the people who can do for community of Kulshreshtha to get the power of unity.
The other objectives of forming a social networking website are as follows:

Culture:- Preserve our cultural heritage

Educational Aid- Impart Educational services, Career and Jobs counselling, scientific spirituality and life styles to our youth

Business Networking- Build business ties through networking, to bring about economical growth to our community.

Entrepreneurship - Formation of viable businesses that would generate employment for the community.

Bondage- Build family ties, which leads continuity of the community.

Social Support Group - One can appeal to all people. The basic purpose sought to be achieved through this section is the setting up of a forum to guide and assist people within the community in their day to day problems.

Talent Hunt & Events:- Promote new talent and make people aware regarding the upcoming events/ events held by Kulshreshtha community.

The idea is to help each other through networking and grow mutually as a strong growing community.